5 must try stress relieving toys.

5 must try stress relieving toys.

1. The hand spinner

How can I not mention the famous hand spinner or fidget spinner (as some people like to call it) when talking about stress relieving toys. Since 2016 this toy is number 1 on the list when it comes to relaxation. Made from metal and as compact as possible, this toy is perfect to bring with you everywhere you go. The concept is simple, place your thumb and index finger on the central part of the hand spinner and spin one of the corners with the other hand. Simple, right?


2. The stress ball

Everybody knows this one. It’s the Micheal Jackson of stress relief. I’m of course talking about the iconic old school squishy stress ball.  A simple ball that you squeeze any time you feel tension and stress building up. Available in hundreds of different colors and sizes, it has been the cheapest and easiest way to relax since the 20th century.


3. The Frick Frack fidget

I know what you’re thinking. “Wow this name is completely hilarious and sounds like a kid toy”. Yes, you’re right the Frick Frack fidget sure has a funny name but it doesn’t only sound like a kid toy, it looks like it too. From bright red to bright green, this stress relieving toy is very different from the fidget spinner (despite the identical name). I like to describe it as a small version of a Mr. Freeze (the ice pop of course not the villain) that you’ve to hold horizontally with both hands. Just squeeze from left to right and feel the calm energy flowing inside your body.


4. Magnetic balls

Enough of that plastic and fabric toy with bright colors, let talk about the super cool magnetic balls. Very different from the 3 other toys listed above, this one looks very unique. The reason here for is because you can make any shape from those magnetic balls. Just put them next to each other and unleash your inner artist to create the design that relieves your anxiety. And hey, it does look very nice in the house too.


5. The SamHity cube

Our last review is about the SamHity Cube.  Composed of eight cubes small boxes, each cube can be rotated from any direction and angle.  Very confortable in the hand and very satisfying in the mind, this piece of art sure knows how to make us happy and relaxed. Turn it and reshape it in any way you want, you’ll always end up with a cube.


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